Lovely Wednesdays

Wednesdays at Semicolon Developers are awesome! We hangout on whatever we like. No project deadline ever gets scheduled on Wednesdays. We play with HTML5, Javascript, Node.Js. We build apps on Android. We work on something that is challenging to our team. Wednesdays are fun here, they are hot and trendy too.

Why HTML5, Javascript

We like to sit and play inside web browsers (Google chrome) trying out realtime apps. That't it. If you like it, do it.

Why Andriod?

We belive that sooner or later Nepali Mobile market will be ruled by Andriod tablets. Call it our Andriod love or take it as our passion for developling apps with local flavors, we won't stop doing it.


Semicolon Developers

We picked the name “semicolon” from the statement separator symbol semicolon (;) used in most of the popular programming languages like C/C++, PHP, .Net, JAVA etc. We call them semicolon family of programming languages, and hence our team – Semicolon Developers.

Our interest is more on collaborative development and we are highly focused on building network of developers around us, hence, promoting and investing on community project is one of our primary concern.

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Want to work with us?

We want to encourage programmers and developers to unite in a network here in Kathmandu valley. That way we will contribute to the software development sector in the country in group. More bright minds together, more quality works! Our effort will always be in supporting passionate beginners developers to move one step up and towards the world of professional software development.

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Baghchal by Semicolon Developers

Bagchal is one of the Nepal's most
popular two player board game

We did a two player version (single pc/browser) of Baghchal with HTML5 Canvas/Javascript.

This project is ongoing project. Current implementation might have bugs but we are eager to show you what we are upto. Enjoy!

PLay Baghchal Online

Check the Source Code (Google Code):


HTML5 Typing Tutor

HTML5 Typing Tutor by Semicolon Developers

To help you speed up your typing skills

Simple Typing Tutor Implementation with HTML5/Javascript

Try our Typing Tutor Here

Check the Source Code (Google Code):


PHP/MySQL Course

PHP/MySQL web development @ Semicolon Developers

We offer computer courses and trainings at Semicolon Developers. This project includes all the PHP/MySQL Web application development course we teach. We will be updating the sample codes with our each batch of students.

Check the Source Code (Semicolon Developers PHP/MySQL Course Materials @ Google Code) :

Course Includes:

At present we have two batch of stundets taking PHP/MySQL classes.

Here's project from Batch 068/A1:
Simple Forum in PHP/MySQL

And here's project from Batch 068/A2:
Simple CMS in PHP/MySQL


Semicolon Labs Code

Semicolon Labs Source Codes Links

Download full source code of Semicolon Labs web site @ Github
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If you have any feedbacks, suggestions to us or have ideas about these kind of projects feel open to contact us at our contact page :

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